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Batch Heat Treating

Stress Relieving
Solution Annealing

Oil, Water, & Polymer quenching up to 25'

We have the capacity to run batch heat treatment loads up to a maximum of 30,000lbs - 25' in length with an overall load area of 72" wide and 42" in height at a maximum operating temperature of 1900 degree Fahrenheit

Our quench media is situated directly in front of every furnace together with our material handling equipment of large capacity manipulators we are able to go from furnace to quench in aproxamity15 to 20 seconds. Our quench media is temperature controlled to ensure correct treatment during the hardening process.

The benefit of having the material quench so quickly helps produce a better quench as well as helping to increase the mechanical properties in your material

We have a number of furnace options available to service your needs and can offer many solutions please contact us for further information quote and lead times

Continuous Line Heat Treating

We installed our first continuous line in 1998 which proved to be a great addition to our facility. To increase capacity a second continuous line was added in 2005.
Both lines are Bickley gas fired barrel type furnaces with high pressure water quenching and in line tempering, capable of running both bar and tubing to high mechanical properties.

We Have The Capability of running bar stock from 3" to 10" up to 42' long
Tube Stock 3" to 11" up to 42'

We are able to offer our customers the added benefit of

Stress Free Material
Temperature Uniformity
Control of Heating & Cooling Rates
Repeatability of Process
100% Inspection
Metallurgical Quality

The advantage of stress free material, all material being 100% inspected after processing along with our in house metallurgical lab for destructive & none destructive testing and analysis gives you the assurance of a quality product